Introducing your new mobile phone girlfriends Ė Everyday With You is a brand new iPhone app that lets you text message cute, adorable girls all day long. 


Some of the girls are very sensitive and nice, while others are more outgoing, flirtatious and forward. Each girl has a special unique personality and it all depends on what you prefer in a relationship.

The girls will send you thousands and thousands of unique, valuable messages. The messages grow more intimate and personal as time moves on, but itís your duty to continue to grow the relationship.

Fantasize about having a real, deep relationship. Experiment, and see what itís like to really be in love with these cute girls - Seri, Ayumi, Nina, Larisa, Melanie, Sachi and Kai. Learn the best way to text message a girl you like. See what itís like to get messages from someone you really care about. Itís a fun way to build a relationship and personal love experience.

These girls will send you periodic messages throughout the day. Feel free to chat with them, and build a deep relationship. All of the girls have different personalities and message types. There are six different girls, so try and connect with someone that fits you perfectly. This app is different because itís just like getting real text messages from a friend.

This app features a real chat interface where you can have on-going conversations with multiple characters. You can turn on push notifications for the text messages you receive - so itís just like getting messages from someone you love.

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IPAD Support

IOS 8 Support

4 Fresh New Characters
(2 new girls)
(2 boys)

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus Support

Reply timing algorithm changes
(to improve conversation timing)

Enhanced conversations

Plus much more!